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Going International; Our Place launches first location in Israel.

Our Place has opened a stay house for teens who are located in Israel and have been discharged from the schools that they were attending. The facility has the ability to house 25+ teens on an annual basis. The teens are given a place to reside and counseled on an individual basis. Many are subsequently brought to substance abuse rehabilitation centers to undergo full treatment.

Students of all ages, from all parts of the world travel to Israel to attend schools. Numerous schools cater to the "At Risk Teen" as hundreds of students attend. Many students "fall out" of these school as they are consumed by partying and substance abuse. According to Rabbi Moshe Prager who founded and operates the facility "The sitsuation is so grave that these teens would typically overdose and potentially die if there wasnt a place for them to reside during this critical time period. We bring kids to the US, straight to substance abuse rehabilitation facilities all the time. These kids are originally from the US and local rehabs are unsuccessful with them"

Rabbi Prager has been successfully guiding young adults and troubled teens for over a decade. Rabbi Prager recruits young adults from the US who need guidance to come to Israel.

Our House
Eliezerov 10
Jerusalem Israel 95305

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